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In today's Scenario it is very difficult to find desired bride /bride groom. Some times it is very difficult to find desered life partner each though meeting arranged for unmarried boys/girls. Sometimes publishing advertisement in newspaper also dose not sure the purpose. We all know that some N.R.I. come to India for very short period of time to do marriages and they have few days to find desired bride /bride groom. Sometimes we cannot find desired bride/groom for our Son/Daughter only because we do not have complete biodata of their family and after meeting face to face and after heavy expense done by us. After facing the types of problems, for the first time we have established marriage bureau for "KACHHIA PATEL" named KRISHNA MARRIAGE BUREAU This way we can find all the data in one place.

From this marriage bureau one can find desired life partner even they life for way from here. N.R.I. youth can also find their desired life partner from one place.

KRISHNA MARRIAGE BUREAU " Provide data's of our cast's unmarried boy/ gilr, divorcy / widows, Handicapped, Having mangal and Shani, old aged person desired for marriage.

Krishna Marriage Bureau have already published for our caste JIVAN SATHI PARICHAY PUSTIKA

(Including photograph and biodata) now first time we are opening our website in for our caste Kachhia Samaj. Who lined for away from their home in India and in Abroad one can click the mouse button and can find problems and biodata of desired lifepartner for them selves for Son, Daughter, Friends & Relative.

From this website you can find:
1) Free Registration*
2) Advertisement
3) Listing of President - Secretory
4) Proud of Ka. Patel Cast
5) Future Programme Information
6) Abroad Directory
7) Indian Directory
8) Business Directory
9) Different information about our Ka. Patel cast.
At last we request you visit our website to remain join to our society.
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